Food | The good yogurt cottage cheese comes with Verum and “The Wolf”

By on May 23, 2016
Verum Health Yoghurt Cottage cheese is no ordinary quark. It tastes wonderfully creamy and delicious! It is also made in northern lactose milk, therefore it is justified to Bert-Åke Varg, aka Pentti Wolf, shouts “cottage cheese coming! crammed with Verums unique bacteria, “says Petra Anderson Stening, Brand Manager, Norrmejerier.
No regular quark
Cottage cheese is a popular dairy product, often for their high protein content. Cottage cheese is available in many different forms and can be eaten both breakfast and snacks. Meanwhile flooded network of tips on how to make their quark more tasteful. Average quark can be perceived as too harsh, but Verum Yogurt Cottage cheese is no ordinary quark.

– Verum Health Yoghurt Cottage cheese has a high protein content without the need to compromise on either taste or quality. It also contains Verums unique bacteria. We are completely alone, says Petra Anderson Stening.

Several good tastes and high protein
Verum Health Yoghurt Cottage cheese is extra creamy and made with lactose-free milk and northern available in flavors Natural, Vanilla or Strawberry. It is available in one-liter packaging and in beakers 200ml with spoon in lid. The protein content of 7.4% is neutral, vanilla and strawberry 6.5%. In all Verum Health Yoghurt is lactic acid bacteria with unique properties that are developed by researchers at Umeå University.
Verum Health Yoghurt Cottage cheese is sold throughout Sweden.
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