“Folk Trad Now – creative artists making the tradition”

By on April 12, 2017

Right after Easter April 18 to 22 organizes the Royal College of Music (KMH) the conference FOLK TRAD NOW for invited students and teachers from higher education programs in folk and world music from Nordic, Baltic countries and Ireland.

It is the Department of folk music that has planned and hosted the event, with concerts, seminars and workshops for the general public and special guests.

– The theme is “Folk Trad Now – Creative Artists Making the tradition”, with the focus on us as a folk musician always actual shape our music, that it is constantly changing, in constant dynamics of our times, says Susanne Rosenberg, professor and head of the Department for Folk Music at the Royal College of Music. Together with students and teachers at the department, she has planned and developed the event.

Folk Trad Now” is implemented within the network of higher education in folk and world music, NORDTRAD. It started at KMH 1996, then with just a small number of participating schools.

– We are proud that the network has grown so huge: today involved 17 schools with training in folk music, world music and music from other cultures. It feels incredibly exciting to invite all of them to our fine new house that will be filled with 150 guests next week.

A few examples from the program:

– Evening Concerts at 19:00: “Cross-over” (19/4), “Flow and improvisation” (20/4), “Listen, Look and Dance” (21/4)

– The week ends with the annual recurring LÅT! (22/4), which this time will feature soloists and KMH FOLK, but also the first performance of two large ensembles: Folk Voice Choir and the North Folk Orchestra where all participants at the conference make music together.

Susanne Rosenberg believes that the development of folk and world music today involves a dynamic approach to traditional music as an expression of its time. She ends with a quote from a art craftsman: ”Tradition is not a form to be imitated, but the discipline that gives integrity to the new!” 

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