Flygbussarna Door to Gate get a new website

By on July 6, 2017

With Flygbussarna Door to Gate you can travel to and from Arlanda in an environmentally friendly and affordable way by sharing the trip with other travelers. Now the Flygbussarna Door to Gate have got a completely new website to make it easier to understand the service, get a pricing and manage booked travel.

Flygbussarna Door to Gare were launched in November 2016 and the number of travelers is increasing all the time. Just in the summer when the trip culminates, Flygbussarna Door to Gate have got a new website that even clearer than before explains how the service works and makes it easier for both existing and new customers.

– In the work on the new site, we have focused on making it easy to understand how the service works and to quickly get a pricing, explains Erika Westman, Digital Project Manager at Merresor.

Flygbussarna Door to Gate are the first service of their kind in Sweden and reminiscent about the car sharing service SuperShuttle, established in several countries around the world.

– We see how traveling with Flygbussarna Door to Gate is constantly increasing, and of course we want a clear and modern website that is in line with our offer, says Erika Westman.

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