Flogging Molly invites to a party

By on October 27, 2018

“Drunken Lullabies”, “If I ever leave this world alive” and “Devil’s Dance Floor” are three of many hits from one of the world’s most energetic live bands. It’s all in all the time when the celtic punk band Flogging Molly is on stage. In February they arrive in Sweden – February 6 at Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

The tickets were released yesterday via LiveNation.se

If you have seen Flogging Molly live before then you know what we’re talking about when we say it’s one of the world’s best and most straightforward live bands. Have you not seen them before? Yes, it’s high time!

The Los Angeles band is on a big European tour and comes to Sweden. February 6 at Debaser Strand in Stockholm. 100% energy promised!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Södermalm