Float in space and walk with a dinosaur

By on October 27, 2017

Crawl in to digital worlds, experience short films in VR, print 3D characters and share virtual fruits like a ninja. The Technical Museum invites to a packed autumn holidays for all little geniuses.

When the Technical Museum opens the doors for autumn holidays, virtual worlds are in focus. New for this year is the collaboration with VR-Sci party and display of short films in VR format. It will be some of the world’s best 360 movies about space, science, nature and the human body. With headphones, VR glasses put in mini-cinema chairs, even the smallest can visit the space, walk with dinosaurs and be one of the little rabbits that save the world when two tricky aliens come to visit.

– When I searched for short films for the program, I discovered that space, underwater worlds, and the human body are the most popular subjects for the VR / 360. It is therefore perfectly suited to VR’s purpose – to move to places we otherwise can not reach, says Elena Malakhatka, reserach scientist at KTH and co-funder of Immersive Sciene.

Theme VR will also be in activities along with My Virtual Reality and the game Fruit Ninja where all children can split melons and other fruits that fly in the “air” with their sword. The VR activity is done in collaboration with Just Arrived, a team of volunteers who want to make it easier for new arrivals to get jobs.

In addition to VR cinema, VR games and 3D printing, autumn holiday visitors can experiment with floating magnets, static electricity, imploding sheet metal cans together with the Technical Museum’s friends. In addition, fast-paced experimental show in Frankenstein’s spirit with hair-raising experiments from earlier times, views in the model railroad, family views in the mine, MegaMind climbing games, five-match Winter games, hanging with the AI Simone and much more.

In Tekniska by Pontus – the Museum’s new restaurant, sustainable dishes are served for young and old. Pancakes, tacos, brain food and lots of other goodies are available on the menu. Same opening hours as the museum.

With its program activities, the Technical Museum wants to give children the opportunity to explore, play, learn and at the same time inspire future solutions to the challenges of our time. Read the full program here>>

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm