Flemingsberg – the visions

By on January 6, 2019
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“In 2050, Flemingsberg is one of Sweden’s most important centers for education, research and creativity. It is an inspiring meeting place where innovations are created and the collaboration drives sustainable social development”.

So sounds the introduction to the formulated vision which is found in the development program for Flemingsberg and in this section we talk about the plans for the regional city center. Invited guests are Malin Danielsson, municipal council responsible for community building issues in Huddinge municipality, Charlotte Persson, head of the Huddinge municipality’s strategic section on the community building department and Cecilia Lindahl, regional planner at the County Council’s growth region plan management. Moa Beskow, ethnologist at the Stockholm County Museum, leads the conversation and asks the guests to concretise the visions. What is meant by words such as urban quality and how should Flemingsberg become an urban city center? What is an inspiring environment and in what way does Flemingsberg have a unique identity? What does the words in the vision mean for the people who lives here now and what are the things that should be attracted to the place? Join us on an exciting conversation about both contemporary and future.

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Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Flemingsberg