Fix New Year’s promise of success app Fimpaaa!

By on December 30, 2016

More than half of young smokers actually want to quit. New Year’s promise can be fulfilled with the app Fimpaaa! to help young people stop smoking. Nearly 35,000 have so far downloaded the app, which was developed by, youth clinic online.

As an added bonus there are several motivation movies with pop and humor group De Vet Du, who have been close to 150,000 views on YouTube. In the films gets Tor to fight the incredibly nasty doll “Tor Jr.which urges that he should smoke. See the videos here: Se filmerna här.

Young like that they can follow exactly to the minute how long they have been smoke free and how much money they saved. It gives energy and motivation to continue to say no to smoking, says Liselotte Nordh Rubulis, communications manager at

So works Fimpaaa!

Here you can download Fimpaaa!: Här kan du ladda ner Fimpaaa!

Fimpaaa! is specially designed for young people who want to quit smoking. The app supports, provides concrete tools and conveys a feeling that you are able to quit smoking. To create your own profile, you first take a position on a number of statements about your smoking. You put a stop date and will then receive personalized messages that prepares the smoke stop, reminding and giving tips.

After the smoke stop shows the app how long you have been smoke free and how much money you saved. In the app are also exercises that will help you find the motivation and resist the urge to smoke. The app also has a blog feature where you can get the support of others who are trying to quit smoking.

The content of the app is based on a Danish program developed by the Danish Cancer Bekæmpelse, the equivalent of the Swedish Cancer Society. The Danish program has been used for 10 years and have shown good results. In Sweden, the app has been developed in a collaboration between, Non Smoking Generation and Psychologists against Tobacco. While young people in the target group has been involved in testing the app and commented on this. Fimpaaa! was funded by the Public Health Agency and the app managed by, run by Stockholm County Council on behalf of all Sweden’s county councils and regions.

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