Five new celebrities ready for the Stars’ Jumping

By on October 9, 2018

Sunday 2 December is the time for this year’s final in The Star’s Jumping presented by Hööks.

Five celebrities make up the prestigious competition in the Friends Arena during the Sweden International Horse Show.

– When I do something, it’s all or nothing, said a tagged Jessica Almenäs.

There are five quite experienced celebrities who is training for full for the competition at the Friends Arena.

Jessica Almenäs, Lina Hedlund, Jennifer Reinhold, Mikaela Laurén and Carolina Neurath.

– Everyone, in addition to Mikaela, is experienced riders. They are now in the process of developing that real contest person in themselves and in hard training. But you should definitely not count off Mikaela. She has an incredible body control and ability to work a lot, says coach Lena Bredberg.

In this year’s final, all celebrities will bring an experienced rider coach into the track.

– A fun and good news that will put some extra pressure on celebrities, continues Lena.

Celebrities get a solid riding training for several months. The trainer team behind is Lena Bredberg, who is holding in all jump training and Anna Wallberg, who is responsible for dressage training.

For anyone who wants to follow the scenes and celebrities trainings, the instagram account #stjarnornashoppningsihs will follow their journey to the competition on Sunday evening’s performance on December 2 at Friends Arena.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm