Fitness Festival continues to grow as platform and format

By on November 8, 2016

Last year was the premiere for Fitness Festival at the Stockholm Fair which together with friend fairs All for Health and Acadermia forms the Fit for Life WKND. Fitness Festival started as a small fair 2004 in Gothenburg. Expansion has been rapid and today is Northern Europe’s largest training and inspiration trade show that brings together all the knowledge and all the news under the same roof for a weekend. November 25 to 27 fills 50,000 square meters on Stockholm International Fair with lots of exercise profiles, competitions and a giant obstacle course for children.

The visitor will be able to take part of 300 exhibitors, see lots of elements in eleven scenes, feel the pulse racing and nerves in 13 different competitions and inspired in the more than 100 lectures.

Many famous faces on the various scenes
Profiles hockey expert Niklas Wikegård, international football referee Jonas Eriksson, bloggaren- and TV host Kalle Zackari Wahlstrom, “The Legend” Borje Salming and SM-winner in the Body Fitness Ida Bergfoth are just a few that will be in place on the stages. The entire scene program can be found

Take the opportunity to develop within the coaching profession
This year changes the PT-days name to the Training Days. It is an important meeting place for everyone involved in the coaching profession and has now expanded to three highly topical themes; Performance, Function and Medical training. Coaching Days is one of several activities at the Fitness Festival. All events can be found

Prestigious competitions all fair days
Blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice. All the ingredients are of the contestants in the Fitness Festival’s various competitions had to suffer to be able to perform at the highest level. One of the major highlights of the weekend’s physics contest Lucia Trophy to be held in the Victoria Hall. There are six different competition classes, including Body Fitness, Men’s Physique and Classic Bodybuilding. Over the weekend, is also determined SM Chin Up and Bar dips, as well as elasticity contest Extreme Boxjump Challenge. All events and times can be found

Fitness Festival and Fit for Life WKND is briefly a healthy smorgasbord, which will inspire you to start, or continue to train and live healthier, says organizer Ove Rytter.

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