First performance for postcolonial Sherlock Holmes

By on February 18, 2019
Bastion & Amphi

Dramatist Joakim Sten and director Carolina Frände are behind several theater successes. Now they are current with the show Sherlock Holmes The white heart inspired by the original but about the cruelty of colonialism. First performance in Skärholmen February 22nd.

The show begins with Sherlock Holmes on a rainy evening having an unexpected visit by a former slave who has taken his liberty and started working in the rubber trade between England and Congo. He has received a package of unpleasant content and is seeking help because he feels threatened. Sherlock Holmes takes the case.

– The white heart is an exciting crime scene and at the same time a burning political performance. The mystery unfolds in London but is about the ruthless devastation of European colonial powers in the pursuit of wealth. If we look at today’s global resource allocation, there are still clear traces of colonialism today, says director Carolina Frände.

She believes that Sherlock Holmes is an interesting figure to explore from several aspects. That the character has become so well-known that it is almost as if he had been for real. The idea of ​​questioning the Sherlock character’s genius and his perfect logic was from the beginning. In that way, the White Heart breaks the Arthur Conan Doyle’s origin stories of the detective.

– This story is, in some ways, faithful to Doyle’s model, but at the same time, the play is a review of Sherlock Holmes, especially from a whitish-critical and post-colonial perspective, says Carolina Frände.

First performance: February 22, 2019
Stage: Skärholmen
From: 16 years

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Skärholmen