Film premiere, autumn holidays and evening openings – It happens at the Natural History Museum in October

By on October 4, 2019
Premiere of Superpower Dogs at Cosmonova! Photo: Danny Wilcox Frazier, Agency VII, for Cosmic Picture.

Best autumn holiday at the Natural History Museum! Meet dogs with super powers, compete, watch movies on Cosmonova and learn lots of exciting things about wolf, dog and bats. Do you dare to feel the wolf skull? We start the autumn holidays with a really exciting evening after closing – you don’t forget the flashlight?

Grand movie premiere for Superpower Dogs at Cosmonova. Meet real superheroes who move in to help us humans. The film’s director, Daniel Ferguson, the super dog Henry from the film and Swedish super dogs attend the premiere.

Evening open at the museum
Start the autumn holiday in the best way with an exciting evening after closing! Bring a flashlight and visit all the animals. Do you dare to sneak around among wolves, blood suckers and the mountain cave? Feel free to get dressed – maybe you win a prize for best dressing!

We are also rolling out the red carpet for a grand premiere of Superpower Dogs at Cosmonova! During the evening you can enjoy festive atmosphere with music and the evening open restaurant and dome bar. Welcome! Free entrance to the museum, entrance to Cosmonova.

Date: Friday 25 October.
Time: 18-22

Evening shows at Cosmonova
The entire museum has an evening open with festive activities and at Cosmonova we celebrate with a grand premiere of Superpower Dogs. See amazing dogs that are there for us when disaster strikes! Also enjoy two classic movie favorites – Born to Be Wild and The World of Corals.

In place during the film’s premiere screenings is the film’s director Daniel Ferguson, one of the film’s super dogs Henry and also Swedish super dogs. It will be an evening of meetings to remember. Welcome!

Date: Friday, October 25
Time: 2 p.m. 17-20.30

Best autumn holiday
A really exciting autumn holiday with competitions and fun activities. Meet live dogs – the police dog Keegan and the care dog Loppan come to visit. Watch the new movie Superpower Dogs at Cosmonova. Learn more about wolves and dogs – do you dare to feel the wolf skull? Our experts at Forskarfnatt talk about their exciting work and show objects. We start the promise in the best way with the evening opening – please come dressed!

Welcome to the best autumn holiday at the Natural History Museum.

Date: October 25 – November 3

Research Night – About the origin of the dog
Did you know that all dogs originate from the wolf? Meet the museum’s researcher Erik Ersmark, from the bioinformatics and genetics unit at the museum’s research department, and learn more about their exciting research. Erik is researching population genetics and so-called ancient DNA. What does it mean?

Hear Erik tell and see a wolf skull up close. Take the opportunity to ask questions! Warm welcome!

Date: October 30th
Time: 6 p.m. 12-15

Premiere at Cosmonova – Superpower Dogs
In our everyday lives, they are our best friends. When disaster strikes or we suffer from illness, they are also our superheroes. In the film we follow six dogs that with great training and innate talents perform great deeds in human service.

Among other things, we have to follow the puppy Halo, who together with his super trainer Cat, is trained to become a life-saving dog. It turns out that strong bonds and lots of love not only create a strong friendship, it creates super powers beyond the ordinary.

In place during the film’s premiere screenings is the film’s director Daniel Ferguson, one of the film’s super dogs Henry and also Swedish super dogs. It will be an evening of meetings to remember. Welcome!

When: Movie premiere October 25.
Tickets are available at

View with Dino-Doris
Meet the museum’s passionate and prospective dinosaur researchers. Dino-Doris talks about his absolute favorite subject and gives examples of how a paleontologist works. A dramatized display for dinosaurs in the exhibition Fossil and evolution.

Rec. age 6-10 years, but everyone is welcome.

Date: Every Saturday
Time: 6 p.m. 12, 13 and 14

Showing 10 favorites
Do you know the story of the Tasmanian Wolf? See the two-headed calf. We show you the museum’s top ten, the extra sights that you must not miss during your visit. Join us for a 40-minute guided tour of the entire museum.

Suitable for everyone from 6-100 years.

Date: Every Sunday
Time: 6 p.m. 12, 13 and 14

Escape room opens at the museum
You can stop the insect death! But the evidence is threatened by intruders, if in an hour everything can be destroyed. The hunt leads you deeper into the museum’s natural history collections. As the researcher’s assistants, you are nearing a breakthrough – which may explain why the insects in the world are getting smaller.

Welcome to discover our escape room! Playing an escape room means you and your friends have an hour to solve puzzles and get out of the room before the time runs out. Our escape room “Escape Extinction” highlights the importance of research and the crucial role of insects in all biological diversity. Age limit from 16 years.

When: premiere October 16
Kl. 16-17.20 and 18-19.20
Cost: SEK 220 per ticket.


Movies on Cosmonova
At Cosmonova you will experience the world up close in the world’s largest film format and with an exceptional audio experience.

In October you can watch the following films on Cosmonova:

A Beautiful Planet
Animal Movie
Oceans: Our Blue Planet
Pandas – shown through October 25
Superpower Dogs – premiere October 25th!


Permanent exhibitions
At the Natural History Museum we show 11 permanent exhibitions. Here you can see dinosaurs, animals and plants from all over the world, fossils, minerals and meteorites, follow human evolution and much more.

All exhibitions: The Human Journey, The Animal Man, A Souvenir for Life, Fossil and Evolution, Life in Water, Diversity of Life, Polar Tracts, Missions: CLIMATE, Expeditions, Nature in Sweden and Treasures from the Earth’s interior.


Temporary exhibitions

New exhibition! Microsculpture
See a microscopic world in gigantic format – with insect portraits magnified to five meters in size. The exhibition Microsculpture with photographs by the English photographer Levon Biss presents a collection of insects that they have never seen before. This series of beautiful, intriguing portraits captures the insects in every detail and reveals all their structures – what entomologists call micro-sculpture.

The result is a collaboration between the Natural History Museum and UpOnWalls.

When: The exhibition will be on display until 30 August 2020


Of course
Sustainable and creative innovations for the future! This is a student exhibition that engages and makes you think new. With recycled plastic, packaging and other leftover material, the students have created clothes, lamps and innovative birdhouses.

The exhibition created by students at the Cyber Gymnasium and Thorildsplans gymnasium.

When: will appear through October 22, 2019


Free admission to the exhibitions

Price Cosmonova:
40 min movie: 110 SEK adult, 50 SEK children and youth
20 min movie: 80 SEK adult, 35 SEK children and youth

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