Fillyjonk who believed in disasters

By on December 13, 2016

Summer breeze was warm and gentle, but how would it be able to comfort a fillyjonk that panicked?”

Filifjonkor is a family dear species. They manage the heritage of generations. So also does the fine Mrs. Filifjonk. She sweep, polish and worry about the catastrophe that at any time can come. For that she knows, that one day comes the disaster. A beautiful summer day invites Mrs. Filifjonk the fine Mrs. Gafsa to tea. China is well-selected, exquisite cakes and Mrs. Gafsa in a good mood, but Fillyjonk thoughts revolve only around the disaster. The same night sweeps actually the great disaster in. It tears apart Fillyjonks house and throw down all her beautiful trinkets. And the strange thing is that when it comes, is Fillyjonk not scared at all Fillyjonk is one of the brilliant figures in the author Tove Jansson’s stories about the Moomins, which fascinated adults and children through the decades.

Fillyjonk who believed in disasters is a co-production with Malmö City Theatre. Produced in collaboration with the Columbine Theatre Publisher, Agency North Ltd and Moomin Characters Ltd.

Dramatization: Lucia Cajchanova

Director: Ada Berger
Sets and costumes: Karin Ragnarsson
Light: Daniel Andersson
Music: Stefan Johansson
Starring: Mari Götesdotter, Sanna Persson Halapi

Premiere January 13, Tower Room, Young Royal Dramatic Theater

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