Festa del Chianti Classico – Now Tuscany’s oldest wine district comes to Solna

By on January 11, 2019
Åsa Johansson and Sofia Ruhne live in Chianti Classico and now offer a deep dive in the district at The Winery Hotel on February 23

With producers from the nine different villages that will be in place, the Chianti Classico will now come to The Winery Hotel in Solna. Come and enjoy new vintages, good food and socializing with winemakers from Tuscany’s most classic wine area.

On February 23, a dozen wine producers from Chianti Classico come to Stockholm, with their best wines from the area they invite to Italian wine party – Festa del Chianti Classico!

In addition to the wine fair, a masterclass is also organized which dives deep into the area’s nine different villages. In the restaurant, an enjoyable Tuscan dinner is served and, for those who want to take this opportunity to enjoy an extra lovely wine-weekend, there is also the opportunity to end the day in a comfortable hotel bed.

– We would like the knowledge of Chianti Classico to increase in Sweden. This region has so much to tell and the wines are today better than ever, says Sofia Ruhne, wine producer at the Terreno vineyard in Chianti Classico. Therefore, we have invited friends, colleagues and fantastic winemakers to showcase the range and quality that exists.

Seventy thousand hectares, nine municipalities and a hundred-year history of continuous pursuit of increased quality. The Chianti Classico wine district has recently taken big steps forward in both quality and sustainability.

It was simply time to organize a party entirely in the region’s honor, and show that today wine is made which can be counted among the best in Italy, continues Sofia.

Åsa Johansson has been a journalist and resident in Tuscany for 18 years. She writes about wine, travel and culture for both Italian and Swedish newspapers. In addition, she tastes Italian wine 365 days a year. On February 23, she comes to The Winery Hotel and holds a master class about her home district along with Sofia Ruhne.

At present it is an exciting period in the region’s development and there is an intensive discussion among the producers. One of the heart issues for many is whether it should be allowed to print the area’s nine different municipalities on the labels or not.

She explains that some producers think that the Chianti Classico’s nine municipalities have such different conditions, that the wines as a consequence have specific taste and fragrance profiles.

– More and more producers feel that the labeling will be even more detailed, similar to the one adopted in Barolo and Burgundy. It is about distinguishing Chianti Classico from other parts of Chianti and getting more people to discover the region’s consistently high quality.

On February 23, there is the opportunity to do so during a full day of wine experiences for anyone who likes wine, Italy and new knowledge. Come and enjoy the best of Tuscany with us!

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