Feminist party March 8 in Haninge cultural center

By on March 2, 2019
Hairy Tales

On the International Women’s Day, Friday 8 March, a large feminist party is again arranged in Haninge Culture House. There will be a cocky rootrock with feminist band Among Lynx, hairy acts with the performance collective M.P.A.C, feminist icon Gudrun Schyman and songs about human rights.

The party starts at 6 pm with the conference host Camilla Persson from the subsidiary company. Then the inaugural speech with the feminist icon Gudrun Schyman who is invited by Haninge women’s and girls’ jour. Schyman is one of Sweden’s absolute foreground figures regarding the struggle for gender equality. She speaks under the heading: How has #metoo affected Sweden and gender equality?

Then it becomes a feminist punk circus with an act from HAIRY TALES, a show about head hair and body hair – shaved, wild, colored and lost. With Karin Svensson and Kajsa Englund from M.P.A.C. (Mighty Performing Arts Collective)

At 19.15 it is time for a concert with Root-rock band Among Lynx, a band with powerful, feminist lyrics and a musical jaw-drop attitude. With a raw cockiness, Among Lynx plays after the motto “heavy, swinging and dirty”. The band takes an active distance from all forms of sexism, racism and inequality in society. Their first full-length album “REVOLUTION” had a slip release in September 2017. 2019, the band’s second album “Movement” is released. The concert is given in the theater, free tickets are required. Book at www.tickster.com.

After the concert two short acts from HAIRY TALES with Karin Svensson, Kajsa Englund and Camilla Rud.
At 20:30 ca – 21: 00 ca Haninge’s singing star Johanna E Martell, accompanied by pianist Tobias Livheim, in front of “Songs about human rights”.

Free admission to everything but free tickets is required for the concert with Among Lynx in the theater. Break serving with beer and wine.
Organizers: Haninge culture, Haninge women’s and girls’ dance, Haninge Riksteaterförening and ABF Södertörn.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Haninge