Fashion | Previous H&M designer allows the customer to be the designer of his own brand

By on August 15, 2016
Studio Heijne is a newly established online fashion brand that offers style-conscious women modern dresses and the unique opportunity to customize them to your own taste.

The concept focuses on a trend already seen in other industries – the ability to customize products according to your own taste. On can of course order the products as they are in basic design, but also offered the opportunity to use our unique tool to give the garments an own signature. The digital tool makes it possible to customize the dresses entirely to their own wishes by playing with color and pattern and adjust the sleeve and dress length. Here we let our customers’ creativity flow freely!

They ordered dresses then produced based on demand in our studio in Lithuania and delivered to the customer within a few weeks.

Studio Heijne’s business is based on the following pillars:

Co-creation: We can fashion design and production, but each customer is an expert in their own style and their unique requirements. Studio Heijne are confident that the products are best when they created together!

Production based on demand: That the production closely linked to demand is an important key to being able to contribute to a sustainable society. The model leads to the minimum of waste and to avoid overproduction, which we only manufacture clothing based on firm orders.

Creativity: We want to share with our customers all the fun to create and wear a personal product. Studio Heijne stands for creative design, innovative solutions and products with a signature.

Quality: We see it as a matter of course to use high quality materials and always strive to deliver the highest quality. It applies to the whole chain from product to packaging and service.
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