Farce for children

By on August 29, 2017
Illustration: Sara Olausson

Autumn’s first premiere in Skärholmen is something as unusual as a newly written genuine farce for children. Settlements with embarrassing adults and comical situations arise at a paced rate around the 11-year-old Lili the day when her highest wish is to be met. Panik i flickrummet has it’s first performance on September 8th. Åsa Lindholm has written a script, Carolina Frände is in charge and Marit Bergman has composed the music.

Panik i flickrummet is about 11-year-old Lili. Her dad thinks she still likes horses and joins a reading club, but her dream is to play electric guitar in the Purple Jackets punk band. One day she’s finally home alone and some from the band will come over. Everything is clear – she switches to the coolest clothes she has and puts punk posters in her room. It’s ringing on the door, but outside stands aunt Misse. Dumped by her new date and crushed she wants to have comfort and listen to schlager songs about heart and pain. Lili gets panic!

– To properly use the farces elements in a performance for a young audience makes humor a more dangerous sting. The farce can look nice on the surface with their situation comedy and crazy characters but the content can really burn to the middle of the laugh and turn some views upside down, said Carolina Frände.

Lilis dad still sees her as a little girl while she wants to hide everything that can be perceived as childish. She wants to be independent but has adults around her who does not understand and respect her needs.

– The roles are changing. Lili grows up and the adults behave like children with huge self-centered needs to be satisfied. Now it sounds serious! And that’s somehow, but seriousness is the prerequisite for humor, said Carolina Frände

The roles are played by Astrid Kakuli, Ulrika Nilsson, Maria Sundbom and Per Öhagen.

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