Fanny and Alexander returned on the Royal Dramatic Theatre

By on November 12, 2016

Royal Dramatic success set of Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander returns for 19 performances in December and January. Revival on 3 December.

Royal Dramatic set of Ingmar Bergman’s multiple Oscar-winning feature film and TV series Fanny and Alexander premiered in February 2012 and became a huge success with the public. So far it’s been played 147 times since the premiere. Fanny and Alexander also made a celebrated appearance on the Nordic cultural festival Nordic Cool at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in the United States in 2013.

Fanny and Alexander is a festive celebration of theater, the actor and the imagination. A story about staying in childhood magic and keep the responsibility of challenging the adult world at a distance. Directs makes Stefan Larsson, one of Royal Dramatic most frequently hired directors, which now also involved as an actor.

Press Voices about Fanny and Alexander:
A tribute to the art of theater DN
It is rhythmic, beautiful, well played and well composed. Aftonbladet
Hitchcock would have been impressed Express
large, lavish and very well done UNT
This is theater about theater at its best. Wall Street Journal
It’s a lovely theatrical diorama, brimming with craft and intelligence Washington Post


Helena Ekdahl Irene Lindh
Emelie Ekdahl Livia Millhagen
Gustav Adolf Ekdahl Reuben Sallmander
Biskop Edvard Vergérus Stefan Larsson  
Oscar Ekdahl Thomas Hanzon
Carl Ekdahl Bengt CW Carlsson
Lydia Ekdahl Kristina Törnqvist
Alma Ekdahl Charlotta Jonsson
Isak Jacobi Hans Klinga
Aron/ Regissör Landahl Pontus Gustafsson
Ismael/ Sufflösen/ Maj/ Justina Ellen Jelinek
Fröken Vega/ Henrietta Vergérus Mia Benson
Fru Blenda Vergérus Lil Terselius
Herr Mikael Bergman Filip Alexanderson
Fröken Hanna Schwartz Emanuelle Davin
Elsa Bergius Kerstin Eriksdotter
Fanny Marielle Malmberg
Alexander Anton Forsdik

Processing and directed by Stefan Larsson
Scenography Rufus Didwiszus
Costume Nina Sandström
Light Torben Lendorph
Wig and mask Sofia Ranow Boix-Vives, Lena Bouic-Wrange, Kjell Gustavsson

Revival December 3, Main Stage

Photographer Sören Vilks
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