Fadon’s Queen comes to the Concert Hall Stockholm!

By on February 8, 2018

Where domestic seaman songs met Arab and African musical influences, the Portuguese fadon was born. More than two hundred years later, much has changed, but the suffering remains and the texts do not rarely circle around the fate of the victims.

Mariza grew up in Lisbon’s fado quarters and began her musical career, inter alia, by interpreting one of the genre giants, Amália Rodrigues. Just over a decade after the debut is it Mariza who has become the greatest fado star, with listeners far beyond the traditional audience. Over the years, Mariza has been nominated as the best artist in the world music of the BBC, nominated for a whole bunch of Latin Grammy, and shared the biggest scenes with everyone from Sting to Gilberto Gil. In addition, she has a large part in the fact that Fadon was actually recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage in 2011.

But above all, in recent years, just like Amália Rodrigues, which is commonly referred to as the mother of modern fadon, she has found her own unique expression and broadened the concepts of what fado may be. For Mariza can really the art of enthrall her audience.

May 6th is this obvious star, with the whole world as a stage, finally back in Stockholm for an evening at the Concert Hall Stockholm!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm