Explosive, edible and super nerdy at the Technical Museum this fall

By on September 26, 2018
Anna Gerdén, Technical Museum

When the Technical Museum starts the season at its nerd cafe for the tenth year, a long list of narrow topics is on the calendar. Life-threatening lithium batteries, swimming, video machines, edible insects, lego build, radio waves and huge carnival dolls are some examples of what you can fixate on during the fall’s wednesday evenings.

It is ten years since the Technical Museum started its Nerd café and began to invite passionate enthusiasts to share their great interest over a coffee. Over the years we have met hundreds of colorful people with a penchant for wide variety of things like the UFO, turbanes, lock picking, knitting and nuclear power. There has been a lot of interest and today there are Nerd cafés in several parts of the country.

– It’s incredibly wonderful to get involved in the nerd’s genuine passion, says Nils Olander, nerd manager at the Technical Museum. Some have told them how to dress up to evil movie characters while others are being rescued by fire soldiers. A bunch tried life like fur animals, and a nerd could hold the breath for 9 minutes and 11 seconds. One person had traveled and filmed 3000 lifts in Stockholm and had YouTubefans in the whole world. One of the most spectacular was a nerd who drove in and parked his six-meter Batmobil in the museum hall.

New for this year is that the Technical Museum invites several nerds to the same evening. Here, those who like stop motion animation meet with those who love to swim. Lego nerds mingle with fruit lovers and drones pilots share scenes with video machines from different times. And the juggler who switched balls to cubes get company of edible insects.

Program Nerd café autumn 2018

The nerd cafes start at 18:00 in the museum’s restaurant, Tekniska by Pontus. Free entrance from 17.00.

Wednesday 3 October
Stop Motion movies – the animator, director Rebecka Llerena tells about her film-making.
Swimming in open water- Mikael Rosén swimming history, science and training

Wednesday 17 October
Radio, Radio, Radio – Joakim Svanfeldt tells us how he uses radio and radio waves around the world.
I love radio – Per Hüttner, successful artist living in Paris, explains why he just loves radio.

Wednesday 31 October
Stockholm Carnival – Elvira Santos tells of her production of huge carnival dolls that she manufactures in her apartment in Fisksätra according to South American tradition.

Wednesday, November 14th
LEGO – Altitude jumper Stefan Holm talks about his great passion for LEGO. This autumn he also releases the book “Svenska sportbitar”, where the LEGO interest plays the main role together with sports events.
Fruits and trees – Friederike Kendziersky tells about labor and work to cut down and cut trees, pick fruit, make must and then sell all.

Wednesday 28 November
Insects like food – Anders Engström will try to convince us of this protein reserve. During the evening he presents his new book “Eat insects” and offers recipes and tips.

Wednesday December 12th
GHOST CUBE – The juggler Erik Åberg has invented a cube that you can twist, shake, fold, transform and build on in infinity.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm