Exhibition with Joy Zandén “It’s never too late!”

By on October 31, 2017

Beckman’s Design College pays attention to female creators. First out, Joy Zandén, one of the first students at the school that is in the center of an alumni exhibition that takes place on 10-18 November at Beckmans.

Visualize female creators
Joy Zandén was one of the first students at Beckmans which was founded in 1939. The exhibition is an example of female creation that we want to highlight. A hidden women’s story and also Beckman’s history. The exhibition shows Joy’s rich creative process in pictures, pattern sketches, fashion drawings and photos, partly from her years at Beckmans in the early 1940s, and recently produced finished products in the form of textiles, wallpapers and images from her grand breakthrough as a 94-year-old.

Growth permeated by art
Joy was born in Helsinki in 1922, right into the art world. Dad was the composer Gösta Nystroem and mom was the sculptor Gladys Heyman. Up to ten years she lived with her family in Paris in the winters and at Särö in the summer. The sea and nature became an important inspiration for her. At Särö artists were gathered like Isaac Grunewald, Sigrid Hjerthén, and Gothenburg colonists. She studied at HDK (former, the Slöjdföreningen in Gothenburg) and then fashion at Beckman’s Advertising School in Stockholm. After that she became employed at the Opera in Stockholm and at the Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. Her expression was a wide range of arts, fashion, advertising and theater decoration.

Pattern forgotten for 60 years
During the war, Joy worked in Copenhagen at the Royal. In 1948 she moved home to Gothenburg and became pattern designer at the family textile company Heyman & Holmberg. In the early 50’s she went to New York to sell her designs but did not make any success. Self-confidence got a proper thorn, and she laid the pattern rolls in brown paper in a chest of drawers in the basement and forgot them more or less for over 60 years. The project is being carried out in collaboration with the Robert Weil Foundation.

– For us, who is one of the founders of the school, is the exhibition about Joy Zandén a continuation of a close 20-year collaboration between Proventus, the foundation and Beckmans, and part of 40 years of experience in working in crafts and education, design, form and industry, said Lina Sjöquist, Secretary General of the Robert Weil Foundation.

The exhibition is scheduled for 10-18 November
Vernissage Friday 10 November, 16.00-18.30.
Inauguration at 17.00.
Actor Jessica Zandén opens and talks about the exhibition.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm