Exhibition at Ulfsunda Castle

By on August 18, 2017

Peter Eugén exhibits at Ulfsunda Gallery at Ulfsunda Castle. The exhibition will be in place until November and will be inaugurate with an open vernissage on August 26 at the castle.

The paintings are very popular in the Swedish auction houses and have been attracted by Sweden’s largest auction companies and galleries. Peter has had great success in the international art scene in recent years with exhibitions on The Louvre in Paris, Switzerland, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas, Rome, London and also several exhibitions in Sweden including at Edsvik Konsthall.

He started his artistry as a nature painter, but after moving to Stockholm, he focused more on the portrait painting. It is mostly artists from the music scene, but also people with strong characters and interesting personalities focusing on snapshots and stage performances.

Gallery Ulfsunda, at Ulfsunda Castle, has for a few years allowed promising artists to exhibit their art at the castle. Each exhibition lasts for three months and starts with a vernissage.

Here the artists get the opportunity to reach a broader audience that may not usually goes to galleries but still appreciate the good of life.

For those who are curious about Peter Eugén’s art are warmly welcomed at vernissage on August 26 at Ulfsunda Castle, when its offers bubble and canapés between 13-15.

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