Exciting new music with Edda Magnason

By on December 25, 2016

One of our most talented, unique and most exciting artists making a surprising comeback and release new music.

Edda Magnason is despite the fact that we have not heard any new music with her for some time been active with a lot of live performances in the past year. As late as the end of November, she stood on stage together with Jenny Wilson, Moto Boy and Malmö Symphony Orchestra for a concert by Björk interpretations in arrangements by Hans Ek.

Now she’s back with a new single Noises, an evocative musical journey that sways forward on, yes it could be the Mississippi River. Unique and very own.

It is different how long it takes to write, some songs take years to get finished others takes an hour. There is no logic or ranking in it, but this right one of those who came incredibly fast. Text and melody is almost entirely unedited from the day it appeared. Then I’ve lived with that tune a bit like when you go and whistles distracted and unconcerned in places you pass with good ackustik. It’s a great frame of mind to recall, says Edda

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