Eva Röse and Jonas Karlsson back at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in spring

By on January 6, 2017

A premiere and a revival complements Dramatens the spring repertoire: The lady from the sea, directed by Sofia Jupither with Eva Röse in the lead role and public success Richard III directed by Stefan Larsson and Jonas Karlsson in the title role. Ticket release today, Friday, January 6.

About The wife from the sea:

For every choice we make in life, we choose at the same time away something else. But what if we get the chance to choose whether? Eva Röse returns to the Royal Dramatic Theatre as Ellida in Ibsen’s classic The wife from the sea. A story about life crises, life choices and unfinished chapter.

Lighthouse guarding daughter Ellida has married the widower Wangel, a caring doctor, and moved in with him and his almost adult daughters in a small town. But Ellida find it difficult to find her role in the family and feel smothered by the small-town life. She bathes in the fjord but yearn for the sea, for freedom, for the person she once was. And maybe she longs for the man she once lovedhe who, after a short and intense love disappeared on the wide open sea.

In Ibsen’s The wife from the sea sets the questions about the major life choices to a head.

In the roles: Eva Röse, Magnus Roosmann, Alexander Salzberger, Andreas T Olsson, Johan Holmberg, Rakel Benér Gajdusek etc.
Director: Sofia Jupither
Translation: Klas Östergren
Sets and costumes: Erlend Birkeland
Light: Ellen Ruge
Premiere May 4 Small Stage

About Richard III:

He is manipulative, murderous and power-hungry. And you just love him! On 9 April, Stefan Larsson’s acclaimed set of Shakespeare’s Richard III revival on the Main Stage. In the title role as the manipulative and charming killer we see as previously Jonas Karlsson.

It’s exquisite choreography and acting in delightful association” Expressen
Jonas Karlsson an enchanting Rickard” SvD
“The game is as restrained as impressive” DN

In the roles: Jonas Karlsson, Björn Granath, Rebecka Hemse, Erik Ehn, Ingela Olsson, Irene Lindh, Otto Hargne, Torkel Petersson, Reuben Sallmander
Director: Stefan Larsson
Translation: Lars Huldén
Set design: Rufus Didwiszus
Costumes: Nina Sandström
Light: Jenny André
Wig and mask: Evamaria Holm, Veronica Liljeblad

New premiered April 9, Main Stage

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