Europe’s hottest choreographers on the Opera stage

By on February 4, 2017

A unique dance experience with two of Europe’s most coveted choreographers. Futuristic and archaic Sharon Eyal and the earthshaking provocateur Olivier Dubois has got to create each new work, exclusively for the Royal Ballet; Half Life and De l’origine. First performance at the Royal Opera on 17 February.

SHARON EYAL and the Royal Ballet dancers found each other in 2014 when she set up the critically acclaimed Bill at the Opera, a performance that got the DN’s critics to stunned and wide-eyed wonder.” In her works are always an androgynous, erotic excitement and she invites the audience into an intricate, ritual world, here accompanied by Ori Lichtiks evocative music. With a background in the prestigious Israeli dance company Batsheva Dance Company has Eyal now taken hold in the dance world as one of today‘s most active choreographers.

Sharon Eyal is careful to point out how important her team are in the process, so even in Half Life.

My work is always about the relationship between the group and the individual. Gai Behar (Sharon’s husband and co-creator) has said that he thinks it is now even more clearly, even more extreme than in the Bill. And it’s about the fear – even more this time.”

OLIVIER DUBOIS creates raw, powerful choreography with a focus on the body, so also in De l’origine, for two dancers from the Royal Ballet. Always interesting, unpredictable and limitless. Dubois had his breakthrough with the piece Tragédie where dancers’ costume consisted of the naked body. Since the late 90s, he goes from the matter of course to the matter of course, a dance world’s “enfant terrible“. A choreographer, whose earthshaking works are gaining ground and that definitely does not back before the controversial topics.

If we accepts to spending time with the history so will we inevitably to dig up some monsters, and confronted with a few nightmares . that is what De l’origine is all about,” said Olivier Dubois, who for the first time set up a work on a Swedish stage.

Dubois is, like Eyal, internationally sought after and especially hard to catch of the most prestigious companiesBesides the dancers appear lifeless bodies, puppets, in life-size that play a special role in the show. The composer François Caffenne is co-creating in the same degree as Ori Lichtik is to Sharon Eyal.

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