European premiere – Carolina Frände sets up critically acclaimed musical Fun Home

By on April 11, 2017

Humorous and poignant critically acclaimed musical, winner of five Tony Awards, including “Best Musical,” based on Alison Bechdels autobiographical comic book of the same name. About growing up in a family where life was much more complicated than it looked on the surface. In the characters we see among others Frida Modén Treichl, Maja Rung, Fredrik Lycke and Birthe Wingren.

Alison is 19 years old and goes the first year of college when she finds that she is a lesbian. Her father Bruce is an English teacher and funeral entrepreneur in the family’s hometown – and his love life is the world’s best-kept family secret …

– Fun Home is a radical and out-spoken story, both a coming-out story and a political story about how former gay generations are not able to live in freedom identity, says Carolina Frände, director. When Fun Home came out in 2006 had the LGBTQ communityts struggles come a little longer than in the 70s and 80s, as the story unfolds. Today, we once again see a marked decline in these issues, with increased hatred and oppression of LGBT people in particular after Trump’s admission in January, continues Carolina.

Alison Bechdel broke through with her cartoon serie Dykes to Watch Out For and thus coined the famous Bechdel Test. The series novel Fun Home was named in 2006 by Time magazine as one of the year’s ten best books, and was put up in 2013 as the first Broadway musical with a lesbian lead character. This is Carolina Frändes first musical production, after more than 20 years as a director and 70 productions behind her.

For me is Fun Home an important story that involves non-normative identity and how possible or impossible it may seem to live outside the norm. The serie shape is interesting to transfer to musical, both the forms of art with a kind of alienation in “fine-culture world” with something in common in the way they have traditionally been considered, says Carolina.

As adults Alison we see musical artist Frida Modén Treichl, as little Alison, age 8 alternates Mira Blomme Stahlhammer and Lily Wahlsteen, Maja Rung plays Alison 19 years.

participants on stage

Alison, 43: Frida Modén Treichl
Medium Alison, 19: Maja Rung
Little Alison, age 8: Mira Blomme Stahlhammer & Lily Wahlsteen
Bruce Bechdel: Fredrik Lycke
Helen Bechdel: Birthe Wingren
Christian Bechdel: Hugo Bremberg & Oskar Norgren
John Bechdel Samuel Falkner & Olle af Klercker
Roy, Mark, Pete: Emil Almén
Joan: Elin Skarin
Bobby Jeremy & the Susan Deys: Emil Almén and musicians / orchestra

Script and lyrics: Lisa Kron
Music: Jeanine Tesori
Translation: Ulricha Johnson
Director: Carolina Frände
Set Design: Jenny Kronberg
Costume and mask: Patricia Svajger
Light: Karl Svensson
Sound: Simon Mårtensson
Conductor: Marika Willstedt
Choreographer: Anna Ståhl

Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre
Klara Stage

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