Europe is ready for their fifth concert on Grönan

By on December 9, 2017

They have a soundtrack that defined almost every hard rock player that grew up in the 80’s and has also conquered the world with songs like “The Final Countdown” and “Rock the Night”. They do not need any further presentation. On August 31, we welcome Europe to Gröna Lund’s Big Stage for the fifth time in the scheme.

Europe is one of the most successful Swedish hard rock bands throughout the ages, with over 25 million albums worldwide and unforgettable songs like “The Final Countdown”, “Rock the Night”, “Carrie”, “Open Your Heart”, “Cherokee” “Superstitious.” But despite historically large hits, they continue to deliver new material. In 2015, the album “War of Kings”, which went straight to the album list’s second place, and earlier this year, released their eleven studio album “Walk the Earth.” 2010 and 2015 ended The green concert summer with bravur, but next year they are back already in August. On August 31 at 20:00 we look forward to welcoming Europe to the Big Stage for the fifth time.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm