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By on September 9, 2019

The latest solo album Vernia starts with the lyrics line “This is what history sounds like …” and that is guaranteed. Erick Sermon is so much hip-hop history that half could be enough. Together with Parrish Smith, he formed the EPMD (Erick and Parrish Making Dollars) in 1987.

Since then, he has also performed for artists such as Kanye West, LL Cool J, P Diddy, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Mary J Blige and lots of other hip-hop and r’n’b acts. Together with Redman and Keith Murray, Erick formed the Sermon Def Squad and made a strong cover version of Sugarhill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight”.

But that intro to the new album is not really about everything he has had in his career so far. The line that begins with the words that this is how history ends ends with: “… in the making”. So there are no old successes he wants to rest on. This is about making hip hop that will be timeless and historic – in the future.

Together with Raekwon, Too $ hort, Keith Murray and Xzibit, he has put together a funky, sampling heavy album of hip hop that is guaranteed to build on his previous career – but which also takes it further. As noted: “If anyone forgot Erick Sermon, you shouldn’t have done that.”.

Don’t miss Erick Sermon @Fasching Sunday 15 September 2019.

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