English Standup – Dragos – Hungry Hungry Dragon

By on September 24, 2019

With over 240 reviews from over 30 countries: Hungry Hungry Dragon is a show that appeals to an international minded crowd.

Having started off in Singapore, Dragos touches on:

  • * language barriers
  • * cultural identity in a global world
  • * emotional limitations and
  • * religious pressures
  • * East European and slavic culture

Come check out the show that has been described as:

  • “super fun and very educational”
    – Daniela, Lausanne
  • “Elegant and funny. It’s a rare case.”
    – Albina, Bonn
  • “lovely and definitely relatable to any global citizen out there!”
    -Beena, Morocco
  • “The show in Munich was brilliant- insightful, contextual and downright hilarious!“
    – Alysha, Munich
  • “cross cultural perspectives handled with care and humour are so so needed in our world”
    – Susanne, Copenhagen
  • “the perfect mix of multicultural comedy, dark humour and crowd work”
    – Michael, Rotterdam

Don’t miss the show Hungry Hungry Dragon with Dragos at Power Comedy Club Monday 30 September 2019, the show will be performed in English.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Who is Dragos?
A: A citizen of the world that appeals to an international minded crowd, Dragos is a Romanian standup comedian who started his comedy journey in the wonderful country of Singapore, one of the most vibrant standup scenes in Asia!
Based out of Berlin – Dragos is one the first Comedians in Europe to write and perform material exclusively for Europe in English

Q: What kind of comedy is it?
A: The comedy has been described as Cute but Dark and focused on culture, emotional trouble, and emotional limitations.

Q: What language is this show in?
A: The show is fully in English

Q: Is someone going on me if I sit in front?
A: No, the show is very friendly

Q: Is it vulgar comedy?
A: Dragos’s comedy is more cultural in nature and focuses on differences between European cultures, it is not vulgar.

Q: Where has Dragos performed?
A: Over 30 countries around the world and more than 50 cities in Europe.

Q: What can I expect to learn at this show?
A: Hungry Hungry Dragon is a show that documents Dragos’s journey through the world from Romanian to UK to Japan, Singapore, Estonia and Germany so you can expect to learn a bit about tall the places and with the show receiving more then 240 reviews you can expect it to be a cultural experience.

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