Empower You Empower Her

By on February 20, 2019

The Body Shop releases a limited collection of accessories and make up looks with important feminist messages in specially designed collaboration with Kvinna till Kvinna.

In connection with The Body Shop celebrating 25 years of strengthening women in Ghana by purchasing the best raw materials and helping local communities through Community Trade, the work for women’s rights is further strengthened through Empower You Empower Here – a collaboration with Kvinna till Kvinna to help change the lives of women around the world!

From February 19, the Body Shops customers have been able to contribute to Kvinna till Kvinna’s work for women’s rights by purchasing a Tote Bag or Power Pin in selected The Body Shops stores. The collection is limited and specially designed for The Body Shop and is available until June 30, or as far as the warehouse is sufficient – and the entire surplus goes all the way to the important work of defending and strengthening women’s rights around the world.

Kvinna till Kvinna is one of the world’s leading women’s rights organizations, a Swedish organization that works for women’s rights in 20 countries. The organization was formed in 1993 as a reaction to the violence against women in the war in the Balkans, and has since been working to defend and strengthen women’s rights. The campaign Empower You Empower Her attention one of the areas that Kvinna till Kvinna is working with: Women’s economic empowerment.

“When women earn their own money, they become more independent and drive the development of society forward. They invest in their family – on food, clothing, health care and school for the children. That women get their own income therefore benefits everyone. We are so glad that The Body Shop chooses to raise the important issue of women’s economic empowerment and support our work. Together we come one step closer to our vision of an equal world where all women have power over their own lives,” says Petra Tötterman Andorff, Secretary General for Kvinna till Kvinna.

At The Body Shop they are excited about the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the invaluable job that Kvinna till Kvinna stands for.

“As a feminist brand whose very foundation is that companies not only CAN but SHOULD be a force for positive change in the world, it is actually obvious to team up with Kvinna till Kvinna. Through our stores we talk every day with committed customers, many with a high interest and commitment to issues related to women’s rights,” says Tanja Bruun, Head of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility at The Body Shop

Empower You Empower Her will be featured in selected The Body Shop stores and first off to back the work is the Cruelty Free influenza and make up artist Evelina Forsell who created two looks that you can buy in The Body Shop’s stores to show your support and commitment.

Tote Bag
Portable & Sustainable! Buy a limited Fair Trade-produced Tote Bag labeled with Good Environmental Choice and with an ever-present Anita Roddick quote and contribute to Kvinna till Kvinna’s work for women’s rights.
Price 150 KR

Power pins
Buy a Power Pin with an important message.
Price 30 KR

Make Up Look signed The Body Shops Ambassador and Cruelty Free Make Up artist Evelina Forsell
Show your commitment to the whole world with one of these two statement looks.
Price SEK 50

The collaboration runs until the end of June and all sales from this limited collection and looks go to Kvinna till Kvinna’s projects around the world.

Helena Olofsson, Fashion & Beauty