Emil Lindgren and Jennie Stenerhag winners

By on May 7, 2017

The fifth edition of the Lidingöloppet MTB was conducted on May 6th. +14 degrees and clouds offered for quick biking on hard trails. It was a full speed race from the very beginning where Emil Lindgren drove hard from the start and ended up at the top of a new track record. Jennie Stenerhag slammed earlier record when she took a big-scale victory.

The weather that was under the race gave good conditions for cycling fast. Even the pre-tip hinted that it would go fast in the front where several skiers were eager to win the fifth Lidingöloppet MTB.

Early in the race, Emil Lindgren of Team Serneke Allebike set full speed and got a gap where team colleague Dennis Wahlqvist could come in and help. Even Micahel Olsson from the team joined together with Calle Friberg from Team Apollo Sports Skoda. It was a great team run and Calle did not have the legs to go all the way. The three cyclists from Serneke Allebike could co-drive and keep the gap. In on the riot it was Emil Lindgren who drew the longest straw and forge ahead for a new record time of 4 minutes. The new victory time landed at 2:00:06. Second, Micahel Olsson and third Dennis Wahlqvist became one and two seconds after Emil respectively. Behind the gang at the front was the speed also high with a extended field and almost everyone in the competition class testified that it was tough when the speed was so high from the start.

Track record was it also in the women’s class when the strong and fast Jennie Stenerhag, Falu CK/Åbro was visiting Lidingö. Jennie, who recently won Cape Epic in South Africa, was strong and took the lead after a crash occurred just in front of her early in the race. In front of her were Åsa Erlandsson, Varbergs MTB, and Nellie Larsson, Team Lapierre Sweden at the time. Already after a mile, Jennie Stenerhag was past and had a gap of 35 seconds. After almost half the race the distance was a bit over the minute. Jennie continued cycling and cycled into the new record time 2:17:38. The gap had grown to almost 5m30s!

Behind Jennie, it became more exciting the longer the race went. Åsa Erlandsson and Nellie Larsson had a long time a lead. But when Hanna Bergman, Falu CK, caught up with Felicia Ferner, Borlänge CK, they could help raise the tempo and get in on the bikers before. Almost halfway into the race they were catching up with Nellie Larsson. In the last mile, these three were also catching up with Åsa Erlandsson. During the last miles, the speed was raised where Hanna and Felicia got a gap and made up for the two remaining pallet sites. Felicia Ferner pulled the longest straw and Hanna Bergman completed the pallet with skiers from Dalarna.

– It has been a great day for anyone who has been on Lidingö and followed the race today, both for the over 2000 cyclists and all the crowd. For us as an organizer, it is always as impressive to see the joy that is radiated at our various events, said Tomas Hoszek, Secretary General Lidingöloppet.

There has been a brilliant cycling day at Lidingövallen where it was already full speed with different runs from early morning. The first race was the children’s race over 3.5 km and 6 km with lots of children between 6 and 11 years old. A little later it was time for 23 km where race classes for 11-18 years went off first. Total cycling pleasure among all participants and impressive bike control on all stretches. The fastest in the youth classes was Eric Herlitz, Team Crescent Stockholm (P15-16) who also won 2016, Joel Warrén, MTB Täby (P13-14), Jakob Werner, Tullinge SK (P11-12), Ida Danielsson, Team Ormsalva (F17- 18) also won her third victory at Lidingö, Kajsa Eneroth, MTB Täby (F13-14) with the second straight win and Stina Kagevi, Tullinge SK (F11-12), also her with the second straight win. After the youth, the Motion Class 23km set off with lots of happy cyclists who got a great cycling. Idel happy and positive comments after the finish.

Full results are found here >>

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