Emil Bergs ”Borde kanske dra”

By on January 7, 2017

Yesterday released Emil Berg single “Borde kanske dra”. The song is about the back with online dating and today tinderhets, that we never feel satisfied with what we have right now.

“‘Keep on Swipin’, but it’s not cool to do it behind the other’s back,” says Emil. The song is about just that – a dishonest relationship where you do not dare communicate with each other. Then it might be better to actually goand instead continue the eternal search.”

Emil Berg hit it big as a solo artist summer of 2015 with the hit “Du swipa höger”, which was # 1 on Spotify and has over 23 million streams. He also released the singles “Jag kommer aldrig kunna dö med dig” and “Britney”. Emil Berg was born in 1992 in Linköping. He started in music class and already in middle school, he started his first band that later became the European critically acclaimed The Majority Says.

Listen to ”Borde kanske dra” HÄR.

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