ELINDA has released the first single on the debut album “Superwoman”

By on December 31, 2017

On December 29, Elinda, singer, dancer and songwriter released the single “Superwoman” on the debut album of the same name. This will be the start of the solo career after several years as a performer and choir singer behind famous artists.

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Elinda, the Värmdö girl, actually called Linda Östergren Frithiof, grew up in Ekerö, outside of Stockholm. She has been on stage since she was 15 years old and has participated in many different major productions both in Sweden and abroad and also performed behind famous artists like Magnus Uggla, Markoolio, E-type, Charlotte Perelli, Shirley Clamp and others. She has previously written songs to other artists, but now takes her step to the spotlight and releases a solo plate. The decision was made last winter after a tour with a larger production.

“I was tired of dancing after the whimsical producers’ pipe where I the second after a scolding was forced to stand in the front and deliver 100% with a smile. Now I’m holding my own wand and get to do what’s right for me.”

The text in the song is about how we as people should dare to stand up more for ourselves and what we believe in. How we should follow our hearts and do not care so much about what others think. We all get to go on the red carpet in our own lives. The title and the tones of the phrase “Superwoman” came to Elinda in the middle of the night. The following morning, the tones found their place in the song that was almost ready but had the work title “Nothing to prove”.

“We all have a superwoman within us as we strive forward every day. We fall to then get up again and continue. For example, I sing all lonely mothers, women in the boardroom, or the bullied girl in the class, etc. All women who do their thing in head-wind. Maybe I’m writing a song called Superman too, but right now I want to strengthen all women in their struggles.”

The album consists of a swinging dance-assenting modern soul with a sublime flirt in the 70’s, nice mid tempo songs and some nice and breathtaking ballads. She writes with her husband Mikael Frithiof, from Halmstad, who has written and produced music for movies, television and advertising for many years. But also with other experienced songwriters, such as Johan Landqvist as for among other things been bandmaster of “Så ska det låta” and musically responsible for Viktoriadagen for 20 years.

Many of Elinda’s texts are about joy, strength and power in different ways. She is driven by the contact with the audience and always strives to convey a feeling that concerns. She has written the single “Superwoman” with Mikael and her colleague Adrian Davinski.

Last autumn, Elinda and her husband started the record company Breaking Records. Together they have five children and the little ones are often involved in everything from photo albums to studio recordings, when there is no other solution.

“They are used to it and find it fun and exciting with music.”

Elinda’s love for the music and the audience is not to be missed. She lights up the scene with her presence and always gives 100%. With its drive and family, you can say that Elinda is one of those who knows what is required of a Superwoman.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music