Electricity-powered enduro to Sweden

By on March 9, 2018

The Electric enduro bike Light Bee has been developed since 2014 by 40 engineers backed by 30M USD in capital. This year, Sur-Ron launches its first electric motorcycle, Light Bee. Sur-Ron currently has 100 employees and a factory that is half-robotized.

Light Bee is the first electric enduro bike with a mid-mounted engine, providing great torque and perfect weight distribution. Building quality, materials and components are hard-tested and of the highest quality.

That Sur-Ron can hold such a competitive price for a premium product is explained by the robotized manufacturing and no intermediaries.

The price in Sweden is 56,000 Skr including VAT. During a short launch period in March, the first buyers will receive an ambassador’s 30% discount. The opposition is that they let their friends drive a test drive and spread the driving pleasure in their social networks. Can you imagine it’s the discounted price 39 200 Skr including VAT.

Sur-Ron Light Bee is aimed at the smart premium consumer who strives for the highest quality but is too well-read to pay an overpriced. Light-Bee is for those who appreciate moving and discovering nature. Fits just as well for full action as for peacefully drifting in nature.

Test runs take place in Stockholm 10th and 11th March. Registration for test run is done at https://ridesurron.com/test-drive/. The number of seats is limited – the company reserves the right for everyone not to have a time.

Pre-order of Light Bee is done at https://ridesurron.com/buy/.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Stockholm