Electric car taxis are prioritized at Djurgården

By on February 8, 2019

About 15 million people visit Djurgården annually, which is more than the Chinese wall. For the players in Djurgården, it is important that everyone can get here in a sustainable way. Many of them already choose environmentally friendly alternatives like tram or bicycle, but some also take taxis. Now, the Royal Djurgården is initiating a collaboration with the association Nollzon to increase the proportion of electricity taxis on Djurgården.

The cooperation with Nollzon implies that electric cars are prioritized for those visitors who choose taxi as a means of transport. When a taxi is ordered to one of Djurgården’s connected addresses, an electric car is primarily sent to the customer.

– The vision is a car-free Djurgården, but on the way there, the cooperation with Nollzon is a step to create quieter and cleaner traffic here, says Camilla Zedendahl, CEO of Royal Djurgårdens Intressenter who gathers Djurgården’s attractions.

Djurgården has more visitors each year than there are residents in Sweden. Now, the players are joining forces and connecting Scandinavia’s main visitor destinations to give the taxi industry a clear signal to change.

– The fact that Djurgården works to become a Nollzon is fantastic. This means that we can show the taxi industry even more clearly how much demand is actually on quiet and clean traffic and that the conversion must go faster than it does today, says Susanna Hurtig, head of e-mobility at Vattenfall and one of the initiators of Nollzon.

The fact that many players within a geographically delimited place that Djurgården joins Nollzon is important for the taxi industry. Nollzon works for a green transition in the taxi industry, but the goal is “Quiet and clean traffic now”.

– The fact that people are primarily encouraged to cycle, go public or walk feels obvious. We see the taxi industry as the public transport’s extended arm and a central player in the work for Sweden to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, says Martin Prieto Beaulieu, board member of Nollzon and operations manager in Gröna Bilister.

– We at Djurgården want to make it easier for our visitors to make wise choices. Going collectively is of course the best, but by connecting our addresses to Nollzon, environmentally friendly electricity taxis will still be a good alternative, concludes Camilla Zedendahl from Royal Djurgårdens Intressenter.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Djurgården