Egg hunting, pharaohs and paper art during the Easter holidays

By on April 13, 2019

Join the family shows and special programs during the Easter holidays at the World Culture Museums in Stockholm. Try to fold origami at the East Asian Museum, make pharaoh’s beard at the Mediterranean Museum or go for egg hunting in the Magazine at the Ethnographic Museum. The museums are open every day 13 – 18 April during Easter.

Ethnographic Museum – Egg hunting and egg cups
The Easter holidays at the Ethnographic Museum go in the sign of the egg. Join the egg hunt in Magasinets winding passages among cool crabs, tired camels and exciting masks! Follow the track and answer the questions that lead you to the riddle’s solution. In the workshop we paint egg cups of wood that we then plant pea seeds in.

Opening hours: All days 14 – 18 April, kl. 11:00 – 17:00

Kl. 11:00 – 17:00
Egg hunting in the exhibition Magazine. Information is available at reception. Cost 20 SEK.

Kl. 13:00 – 16:00
We paint egg cups and plant seeds in the workshop. Material cost SEK 50.

Mediterranean Museum – Pharaohs and Symbols

Come and discover what symbols and attributes the pharaohs had. Could women have beard? How did the headgear look at that time? In the workshop we manufacture pharaonic beards and nemesar (headgear).

Opening hours: All days 13 April – 18 April, kl. 12.30 – 16.30

Family view at. 12.30 and 15. Free admission

Material cost workshop, SEK 40.

The East Asian Museum – Easter eggs and paper art!

At the East Asian Museum we learn about the paper’s history in the Paper Stories exhibition. We also celebrate the Korea year and are inspired by the Korean-Swedish artist Woo-Bock Lee’s paper art! She uses old books and magazines in her art and in Ateljé Draken we use recycled material when we decorate our Easter eggs. We also fold origami and test calligraphy.

Opening hours: All days 13 April – 18 April 2019, kl. 11.30 – 16.00

Family view at. 11:30. Free admission

Studio dragon open at. 12:00 – 16:00. Material cost SEK 40.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm