EELS To Stockholm In August

By on February 7, 2019

The American alternative rocks in Eels come to Sweden for a gig at Debaser Strand on Thursday 29 August! The band’s 12th album in the scheme was released in April last year and we are now looking forward to seeing them where they are at their best – LIVE!

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Eels has had many different members over the years, but in the center has always been the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett. Or “E” as he is also called.

Mark’s life has been lined with several tragedies and deaths in the family, which through his career has clearly affected his music which in many cases is dark and treats difficult times. Most clearly, this is on the album “Electro Shock Blues” from 1998, where all songs are more or less relevant to the subject of death. The song “Elisabeth on the Bathroom Floor” is about his sister Elisabeth who took her life. Faithful fans argue that this is also his best album.

Mark first started on his own under the name “E” and released two solo albums before the band Eels was a fact. The solo debut came in 1992 with the now cultic album “A Man Called E”. It was not until 1996 that the first album was released under the name Eels.

Since 1996, Eels has released twelve albums, featured songs in a variety of films and has always been celebrated and praised by both critics and audiences.

Helena Olofsson, Music | Södermalm