Edward af Sillén back with BULL

By on August 26, 2017

Edward af Sillén is finally back with a new bar theater written by award-winning Mike Bartlett! This time, we get BULL- an explosive one-act play about adult mobbing and the survival of the strong. Three employees in an office waiting for the boss – two to be promoted, one to be fired.
But who?

On stage we see four actors thrown into a verbal boxing ring and fighting for their lives. We investigate what happens when the jungle’s law is applied in a regular office, and people are set against each other to survive.

– I am passionate about the author Mike Bartletts fantastic language and it was such a great pleasure to translate and direct his last play Cockfight on Klara Nätter, and see how the audience took the language and the story of their hearts. So it’s almost natural to now put up his new play Bull, which is equally exciting, says director Edward af Sillén.

At the Soup Theaters evening activity Klara nätter, Bull is set up as a bar theater; It is only played for a few late nights and the bar is open before and during the play. The crowd can sit with a glass of beer, wine or any drink and enjoy a black comedy, where the replies fly like knives through the air.

– I think all the theater eager should be exposed to this play. It both calms and upsets. I find it extremely exciting to see an audience laugh and then almost ashamed of THAT they laughed. It’s incredibly human, says Edward af Sillén.

Premiere 21 november at 21.30

Scripture: Mike Bartlett
Direction and translation: Edward af Sillén
Scenography and costume: Annsofi Nyberg
Mask: Frida Ullander
Light: Olle Axén

Contributors: Emil Almén, Albin Flinkas, Emma Peters and Andreas Kundler

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