Ed Sheeran beats streaming record!

By on January 10, 2017

International megastar Ed Sheeran wrote streaming history with the two new singles “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill”. Not only do was the two singles a surprise to both old and new fans so struck Ed Spotify “1 Day” streaming record with both singles. Combined, during the first 24 hours, the songs were streamed over 13 million times worldwide with the “Shape Of You” at 6, 868.642 streams andCastle On The Hill” with 6,168,395 streams. Ed has now taken over the record from One Direction as in August 2015 had 4,759,698 streams of 24 hours with the song “Pull Me Down.

The two new singles marks a huge comeback for Ed, this is also his first release since 2015.Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill” dominate the charts around the world and holds both the position #1 and #2 on including iTunes UK and a total of 77 other markets (inclusive USA), Spotify UK and global lists (36pcs #1 and 27pcs #2 placements); Apple Music UK, UK Airplay and Ed also has 118 st # 1 rankings on iTunes in several countries. In Sweden has Ed Sheeran now 10 songs in the top 200, the total listening on Ed Sheeran increased by 714,000 streams and the first day was both songs placed as top #1 & #2 on both Spotify, Apple and iTunes Music.

The two singles have received over 25 million global streams on Spotify, in 48 hours, and the lyrics of videos for the singles Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill has received over 28 million combined views. On Spotify’s global list is Ed placed #1 and #2. Combined has the two singles, on 48 hours, received 25,839,709 global streams, streams in UK 5,425,357 and 6,081,889 streams in the United States.

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