Echo – a circular beer

By on April 17, 2019

This is Echo, a beer that Fotografiska together with Paul Svensson launches in collaboration with the nearby Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. The name stems from the fact that the beer is brewed on organic malt and hops as well as recycled sourdough bread and that the beer, like an echo, bounces back since all residues from the production are used to make new bread.

All of this resonates with Fotografiska’s zero waste philosophy since all the bread residues from the bakery, restaurant and café are recycled instead of being disposed off. During the brewing process the residues are then mixed together with the malt. The leftover spent grain is then dried and used as flour for the bread that Fotografiska makes. Echo – a beer that keeps on coming back.

The Belgian blonde beer has a fruity flavour with a touch of bitterness and is perfect for all kinds of food. For starters, Echo will be sold in Fotografiska’s restaurant, bar and café both on tap and bottle.

Echo greatly reflects the idea behind Fotografiska’s vision to inspire a more conscious world. The fact that the restaurant has been named the Museum Restaurant of the World by Leading Culture Destinations, is a proof of this commitment. Another fact backing this up is that Paul Svensson stands on the list for the world’s 50 most influential chefs within the green kitchen.

Swing by Fotografiskas café, bar….

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