Easter at Skansen

By on March 25, 2018
Maria Johansson

Easter is celebrated with Easter traditions in houses and farms, a Easter market full of crafts, carvings and Easter candy and with music in Seglora church, Älvrosgården and Missionshuset. In the Forest’s house Easter pyssel is ongoing throughout Easter and on Easter Thursday there is a free entrance for all children who come dressed as Easter witches and Easter men. New for this year is that there is a combined ticket for Junibacken and Skansen during Easter holiday and until April 15th.

Easter traditions in houses and farms
Maundy Thursday nicely with Easter decorations in the 1910s at the teacher’s family in Väla school.
A long and gloomy good Friday in the 1870s in Octorpsgården.
Easter dinner at Åkessons in the 1920s in Skånegården.
The family prepares a Easter eve invitation in the 1930s in Järnhandlarbostaden. Here you can also read more about why we celebrate Easter.
29 March to 2 April at 10-16

Easter Market
Easter market with crafts, handicraft and Easter candy at Bollnestorget 29 March to 2 April at 10-16.
The Skansen shop in Logen opens for the season and is open 10-16 all days at Easter, but already there is a full commercial on Easter eggs at Skansenbutiken at the main entrance, open 11-16 weekdays, 11-17 weekends.

Easter Music
Playing with Skansen’s players in Älvrosgården 31 March to 2 April at 12-14.
Easter music at Seglora church April 1 at 14.
Easter music at the Mission House 2 April at 14.

Easter fun
Tales around Easter and stories in Back Mats cabin 29 March-8 April 10-12 and 13-15.
“Kackelklubben” – Talk about hens at Skånegårdens innegård 29 March to 8 April at 13.
Pigs talk at the lower pig pasture, Oktorpsgården 29 March to 8 April at 10.45.
Try on glass blowing! – blow your own colorful Easter ball in the glassware (650 kr) 29 March to 2 April at 12-15.

Easter for all children
Free admission on Maundy Thursday for all Easter witches and Easter men(up to 15 years).
Easter pyssel in Skogens hus (30kr / pyssel) 29 March to 8 April at 10-16.
Facial painting – paint yourself to a Easter hare, Easter witches or chicken in the Forest house 29 March -2 April at 10-16.
Broom binding at Skogens hus 29 March at 10-16.
Egg picking and egg rolling – Easter plays from before at Skånegården March 31 to April 1 at 10-16.
Sausage grill at Orsakullen March 29-April 8 at 10-16.
Pony ride at Bredablick March 29 to April 8 at 12-15.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm