Drink more coffee at Skansen!

By on June 10, 2017

Those who choose to have a cup of coffee at Skansen Terrassen, Solliden Restaurant, Tre Byttor, Old Krogen/Bollnäsgrillen, Balderslunden Våffelbruket or Café Nyloftet contributes with 2 SEK to Skansen’s preservation work. So just release the inner coffee aunt and help.

An important part of Skansen is the work on nature conservation, cultural history development, knowledge of biodiversity and a sustainable society, individually or indirectly through other actors, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, there are also a number of fundraising projects that allow increased support for research, education and conservation. One of the projects is aimed at the zoological activities of the animal park and the other towards the conservation and development of cultural-historical environments.

Endangered species get a chance
The white-collar woodpecker has long been threatened and in September 2016 a volunteer was opened at Skansen in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Association and the Nordic Ark. Here, white-backed woodpeckers are raised and then released into nature.
The collection project aims to provide financial support for activities aimed at promoting species conservation of primarily Nordic species such as eagle owl. The project can also support other conservation projects directly or indirectly linked to Skansen’s animals, or international projects related to human-animal interaction.

The 17th century resurrected in the Tottieska farm
At the moment, money is also collected to buy a silver dinnerware from the 17th century to the Tottieska farm under renovation. Before the opening of the house 2018, all details will be in place and in the magnificent dining room it will appear as it could look like a party anniversary in 1780.

Skansen’s Restaurants support the eagle owl project
From this summer, all guests who choose to take a coffee break at one of Skansen’s Restaurant’s food and coffee venues contribute to Skansen eagle owl project that has been going on since the 80’s. Every summer a number of kids are hatched which is then released in Stockholm archipelago. It is a project in collaboration with the Archipelago Foundation and the Nordic Ark, and has contributed to the biodiversity of the area.

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