Dramaten stars at Slottsteatern

By on April 1, 2019
Roger Stenberg

Dramaten and Drottningholm Palace Theater cooperate this fall. Johan Rabaeus and Andreas T. Olsson will play Beethoven and his nephew in the newly written play Dövheten by Niklas Rådström, first performance on September 5 at Drottningholmsteatern. On the historical stage offers the actors together with a string quartet from the Drottningholmsteatern’s orchestra humor, warmth and music.

Dövheten is a co-production between Dramaten and Drottningholmsteatern and will be played seven performances at Drottningholmsteatern in September and then set up on the Dramaten’s small stage in November. The historic environment at Drottningholm provides a setting that makes the theater visit an overall experience.

The play takes place on the evening of May 23, 1824, when the ninth symphony has just been performed publicly for the second time. The premiere was a success, but now the salon was half full and the reception lukewarm. Beethoven is furious. At home, the beloved nephew Karl, whom Beethoven wanted to make his son, is waiting to receive the offended genius. Dövheten is a gripping and fun play about absolute hearing, emotional deafness and creativity in interaction with both living and dead.

– We look very much forward to working with Drottningholmsteatern, which is only 22 years older than Dramaten. That it is also a newly written piece about Beethoven by Niklas Rådström is of course also powerful for 2020 when Beethoven should become 250 years, says Eirik Stubø, theater manager.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Drottningholm