Dramaten renovates 2019

By on February 5, 2019
Sören Vilks

Between April 23 and December 12, 2019, Dramaten will be closed for the change of soil stacks and over-machinery on the Great Stage. The construction projects only involve playstop on the scenes in the house at Nybroplan, that is Big Stage, The Painting Hall, the Tower Room and the Lion Ball. Dramaten’s stage activities continue as usual at the Little Stage and the Elverket. Unga Dramaten will conduct its activities at the Stage Art Museum.

The soil stacks in the Dramaten house are original from 1908, when the house was built and is, for obvious reasons, in need of replacement. The property owner Statens fastighetsverk will be responsible for the change of the soil stacks, but also for maintenance measures such as repainting for example stairwells and renovation of the original curtain.

In connection with the soil stacks exchange, the number of public toilets is increased and more new accessible toilets are being built. Accessibility should also be improved with regard to lift functions and the entrance on Nybrogatan 2. The work is expected to last for eight months, between April 23 and December 12, 2019.

– The renovation is long awaited and it therefore feels good that we, in close cooperation with our tenant, may implement it. At the same time, we are suitable for doing some minor but fine restoration work, which we hope the audience will enjoy when they are back in December, says Ingrid Eiken-Holmgren, director-general of Statens fastighetsverk.

At the same time as the soil stacks exchange is done, a completely new over-machinery is installed for the Big Stage for, among other things, light and decor with specially developed winches and new light bridges.

– Our new over-machinery will be at the forefront of performance and safety, which entails entirely new opportunities for the theater, both artistically and technically, says Fredrik Österholm, technical manager at Dramaten and chief responsible for the renovation.

During the end of the spring season and the autumn season when the theater house at Nybroplan is closed, the theater is played as usual on other scenes of Dramaten – The Little Stage and the Elverket. The performance Guds olydiga revben of Tilde Björfors, is done in collaboration with the City Theater of Malmö and will play in Malmö from May and Unga Dramaten moves already in April into the Stage Art Museum on Sibyllegatan 2, right next to the Dramaten.

The affected personnel will receive temporary offices and lodges, among other things in Kvarteret Sjömannen, in the house behind the Dramat.

April 23 – Dramaten house at Nybroplan closes
May 23 – Unga Dramaten has its first performance for Lilla måsen at the Stage Art Museum
December 12 – Dramaten house opens with premiere on the Big Stage

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm