Dramaten: Premiere for Peer Gynt directed by Michael Thalheimer

By on February 6, 2018
Therese Öhrvall

The restless good-for-nothing who travels around the world looking for himself returns to Dramaten after 27 years. Last Peer Gynt was played at the theater in 1991 and then directed by Ingmar Bergman. Now takes the German star director Michael Thalheimer over the Norwegian National Symposium. Premiere on the Big Stage on February 15th.

Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen resembles nothing else with his wild blend of satire, surrealism and saga. Now Peer Gynt’s unmatched life is portrayed in a set of signed director Michael Thalheimer, one of Europe’s most renowned directors, known for concentrated and intense classifications of classics, with strong images and feelings.

– I have long wanted to direct Peer Gynt, but unfortunately, in Germany, where I was mainly active, the Norwegian National Symposium does not work. When I’m back as guest director at Dramaten, I wanted to make Faust first, but the theater manager said it does not appeal to a Scandinavian audience. But it does Peer Gynt. And then it became Peer Gynt. In addition, Peer Gynt is called a Nordic Faust – so I got in one way both, says Michael Thalheimer.

In Thalheimer’s set, the audience will be one with Peer Gynt. Everyone will be in Peer Gynt’s head and in his fantasy world.

– Through light and mysticism and Olaf Altmann’s scenographic solutions, we never see the actors make an entry on stage, they are only there, in our heads and in Peer Gynt’s head, tells Michael Thalheimer.

Michael Thalheimer has directed a number of major European theaters and is a regular director at the prestigious Berlin Ensemble in Berlin. His first visit to Dramaten was a guest play with Goethes Faust on the Big Stage 2006. Two years later, he directed Kasimir and Karoline, which became a great success. In 2013 he was back with the critically acclaimed Woyzeck.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm