Dramaten open food scene

By on October 27, 2016

The restaurant at the Royal Dramatic former ticket office becomes a recurring food scene where visiting chefs for a limited period sets up various food sets. First up is China tavern Shanghai Thirty @Neondämon with live jazz several times a week. Premiere on Friday, October 28th.

In connection with the international Bergman Festival in late summer, the restaurant was resurrected in Dramatic ground floor that Ingmar Bergman closed 54 years ago. The new name of the pop-up restaurant became Neondämon, inspired by the large neon sign with Ingmar Bergman’s dämonsignatur that shone on the facade during the festival.

Neondämon was such a success that it has now resurrected in the form of a food scene in which different sets of food will play during limited periods. The director is, just like the Bergman Festival, Anna Högkil and Mark Ahlm also the Little Anna & Tall Uncle.

Neondämonscenen will provide space for guest playing chefs and themes while the decor highlighting the rich cultural treasures that are hidden in Dramatic props storeroom. Sometimes will the sets” to be natural extensions of what happens in the rest of Dramatic scenes and other times completely independent culinary sets.

First up is China tavern Shanghai Thirty @ Neondämon. It is a journey in time to the 1930s Shanghai – a time when opium fog was thick and the city was a culinary melting pot where East met West. Here, guests will be able to enjoy including crispy duck, hot pots and dim sum framed in a jazz club with live music several nights a week.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00

Read more and book a table at: www.neondamon.se

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