Dramaten: Four talks about the woman on stage

By on December 20, 2018
Beata Bergström

Based on some current performances at Dramaten, four talks are held in the spring, focusing on female roleplaying and the role of the woman in the theater. How did it look historic and what does it look like today? Co-stars include Ellen Lamm, Melinda Kinnaman and Livia Millhagen. In addition, there will be an evening about the woman and the body with Agneta Pleijel, Annika Lantz and Åsa Beckman on account of the anthology Klimakteriet. The 17th and 31st of January, 21st of February and 4th of April in Dramatenbaren.

The new conversation series The woman on stage started on November 8, 2018 with a conversation about the woman at the theater for a packed Dramatenbaren. In the spring Dramaten continues with new lectures with new themes. The conversation has a free entrance but reservation of space is required.

Spring’s four talks are:

The woman’s ages
A conversation about the woman’s ages, about the passage of time; about being a woman and actor, about the roles women both get and are expected to play. Participating: actors Melinda Kinnaman, Nina Rashid and Cilla Thorell and Ellen Nyman, all seen in Tracy Lett’s play Mary Page Marlowe. Assessors: cultural journalist and critic Åsa Beckman. Call leader: Anneli Dufva.
January 17 at 19.30 in Dramatenbaren

The girl and the expectation
A talk about theater conventions and traditions. How did the female roles look like then? How can they look now? Who is the girl allowed to be and become? Contributors: Ellen Lamm, director and Tova Magnusson, actor in Förlovningen, and Nina Zanjani, actor in HÅLLA ANDAN. Author: Annika Lantz, program leader, author, comedian. Co-leader: Anneli Dufva.
January 31 at 19.30 in Dramatenbaren

The woman and the body
Is it too much or too little talk about the physical age of the woman, about the body and menopause? A conversation based on the woman’s ages and lives on stage and in reality, due to the anthology Klimakteriet (Exp. Feb. 2019). Contributors: Agneta Pleijel, Annika Lantz and Åsa Beckman. Assessors: actor Ingela Olsson. General leader: Anneli Dufva. In cooperation with Atlas Förlag.
February 21 at 19.30 in Dramatenbaren

Sex and sadness
A conversation about templates and beauty, about gender roles and women’s roles on stage. About playing on sex – or maybe using sex as a way to search for meaning or power. Contributors: Elin Klinga, actor in Orfeus stiger ner, Livia Millhagen and Rebecka Hemse, actor in Linje Lusta
Assessors: Agneta Pleijel, author. Call leader: Anneli Dufva.
April 4 at 19.30 in Dramatenbaren

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