Dramaten Bergman studio to New York

By on March 19, 2018
Ali Mian

The plays of Lisa Langseth, Dennis Magnusson, Dimen Abdulla and Jacob Hirdwall from Bergman’s studio, Dramaten’s new think tank for dramatics, will be given at the Scandinavian theater festival in New York on 6-8 April.

The Nordic Stage festival will present works by seven dramatists, as well as authors from various Scandinavian countries. Nordic Stage aims to highlight the contemporary theater produced in Scandinavia today with plays in different genres, styles and topics. The festival is hosted by Scandinavian American Theater Company and the plays will be read in English.

– I am very pleased with the cooperation with SATC and that Dramaten through Bergman’s studio helps to make new Swedish drama internationally known, says Dramaten’s theater director Eirik Stubø.

The collaboration between Bergman studio and SATC will result in another five readings in New York in December, when the rest of the studio will participate in newly written texts: Alexander Ahndoril, Tanja Lorentzon, Lidija Praizovic, Andreas T Olsson and Maria Tryti Vennerød.

Below the dramatists and plays are confirmed and everyone, except Lisa Langseth, will attend the festival. Directors and actors are announced shortly.

Lisa Langseth with Den älskade
Lisa Langseth is director, dramatist and scriptwriter. In 2004, her play Den älskade was played on Dramaten with Noomi Rapace in the leading role. Den älskade also forms the basis of Lisa Langseth’s 2010 movie debut, the successful Till Det Som Är Vackert. Lisa Langseth is now up to date with the movie Euphoria with Alicia Wikander and Charlotte Rampling in the lead roles. For translation of the play Den älskade is Charlotte Barslund.

Jacob Hirdwall with Nattvandringar i den undre världen
Jacob Hirdwall is director, dramaturg and dramatist and works in film, radio and theater. Since 2001 he has worked at Dramaten. His plays have been played in Sweden and abroad, for example in Oslo, Aarhus, Beijing, Shanghai, New York and Reykjavik. Jacob Hirdwall is the initiator and leader of Bergman Studio. For the translation of the play Nattvandringar i den undre världen are Edward Buffalo Bromberg

Dennis Magnusson with Dylansällskapet
Dennis Magnusson is a author and dramatist. He has worked for acclaimed television programs like Jordskott and 30 grader i februari. He was also the dramaturg of the international film success, Låt den rätta komma in. Magnusson’s most controversial play 7:3 Återbesöket is about Lars Norén’s work with play 7: 3. For translation of the play Dylansällskapet, Rochelle Wright stands.

Dimen Abdulla with På alla fyra
Dimen Abdulla is a dramatist and has written several plays, including NomNomNom, Revolution, X and Självporträtt. Right now she is preparing a performance that will have premiere at Dramaten during the Bergman Festival. For translation of the play På alla fyra are Edward Buffalo Bromberg.

Bergman’s studio
is part of the drama and a mindset for new drama. Bergman Studio is led by dramatist Jacob Hirdwall and the actor and director Lena Endre. Eva Bergman is an adviser. Bergman’s studio is run with the support of Ingmar Bergmans Foundation, Svante Bergströms Teaterstiftelse and B A Danelii Foundation. Read more about Bergman Studio here: http://www.dramaten.se/bergmanstudio/

Nordic Stage
is a festival featuring new Scandinavian theater. The festival takes place at Theater Row on 42nd Street in New York, 6-8 April 2018. The festival has a free entrance.

Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC)
is an ideal theater company founded in 2009 to draw attention to contemporary Scandinavian dramatically and with various collaborations strengthen the ties between Scandinavia and the United States about performing arts. SATC is led by Albert Bendix, artistic leader. For more information: www.satcnyc.org

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