Dotter is back with new single “Evolution”

By on February 12, 2017

Dotter is an artist name to remember. Dotter is a musical talented performer and songwriter who writes all her songs all by herself but is also a songwriter for other artists. The music breathes contemporary pop with attitude with an organic sound that flirts with the 60’s and 70’s aesthetics. She has a great voice with character.

Dotter‘s real name is Johanna Maria Jansson and grew up in Arvika, she fell in love with her parents’ record collection which included everything from Led Zeppelin to Enya and began writing her own music at an early age. After a lot of recordings at home with the cooperation with producers across the net, she decided to move to Stockholm in 2008, not only to study music in vocal training at Kulturama, but for the opportunities available for a songwriter and performer in a major city.

“I met a producer who wanted to record a demo with me and we hit it off immediately, she recalls. And since then I have stayed in his studio “

The producer that Dotter met is Dino Medanhodzic and together in the studio, they create a creative environment, which resulted in the first single “My Flower”. The other released songs “Dive” and “Creatures of the Sun” is also produced by Medanhodzic and written by Dotter and Jade Ell.

Dotter has in recent years focused on developing as a live performer, but also wrote new music, mostly to herself but also to other artists. She has collaborated with London-based producer Michael Angelo, who also works with Sam Smith and Lady Leshurr to name a few.

New single “Evolution” is about the desire to make changes in their lives and to develop in conjunction with it on a personal level. A journey that Dotter herself recently made.

A positive outlook on life and the future may lead us as far as anyone as people. It is not physical wealth that make us happy but our journey toward our goal and the realization that we already have the most valuable thing you can have, a life !, describes Dotter.

Listen to “Evolution” here >>

“Evolution” was released on February 10 via Warner Music, lyrics and music Dotter, Dino Medanhodzic and Thomas Gson.

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