Donald Duck & C:o celebrates 70 years with an exhibition and pop-up store

By on July 18, 2018
The cover of Donald Duck & C: o No. 1 from 1948

Yes, it’s quackly true. Sweden’s oldest and most obnoxious comic book celebrates impressive 70 years this year! The anniversary celebration will begin this summer when Donald Duck & C: o and the toy and series museum Bergrummet – Tidö Collection of Toys & Comics – together open a pop-up shop with exhibition and drawing workshop in Stockholm.

Just before the summer break and the holiday start, the Bergrum opened the doors for the exclusive exhibition “70 years with Donald Duck & C: o”. At the center, of course, the first edition – No. 1 from 1948 – is available in original form. When the iconic number was sold for the first time, readers did not need to bulge more than 60 penny. In 2011, a copy of the same edition of 165,000 SEK was sold on the Tradera auction site!

The exhibition also highlighted some of the biggest and most influential characters who gave life to Duckburg and its inhabitants. Including the greatest ank artist of all of them, Carl Barks, and his acclaimed heir and landsman – Don Rosa. Visitors can also enjoy ancestors from the skillful Spanish cartoonist Paco Rodrigues, as well as original works that have never been shown by Vicar and Daniel Branca, from Chile and Argentina.

But it will not only be American and South American star signers who take place in the show.

“As Donald Duck is so big in the Nordic countries, we will also highlight some of the most successful Nordic characters, as well as a number of female Kalle Anka cartoonists who have not been in the spotlight as often as many of their male colleagues,” explains Bergrummet’s initiator. and owner David von Schinkel.

In the exhibition area there is also the “Donald Duck Drawing Workshop” where visitors can try themselves to draw Donald Duck and his friends. In September, in addition, the Nordic archeologist, Arild Midthun, will visit and attend an exclusive Donald Duck workshop.

In Kalle Duke & C: o’s pop-up store there will be opportunities to buy pocketbooks and jubilee books at favorable prices, the exhibition “70 years with Kalle Anka & C: o” continues until 20 September at Bergrummet in Stockholm.

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