Diversity and freedom of choice in focus when Picadeli launched a pride campaign

By on August 1, 2018

Picadeli’s Greenfood company have the campaign Let’s celebrate freedom of choice in honor of EuroPride 2018. Picadeli’s pop-up restaurant will be in place during the Pride Festival in Stockholm and Gothenburg on July 27th-August 19th. Picadeli will donate 100,000 kronor to the Solidarity Fund whose purpose is to visualize HBQT issues.

In connection with EuroPride 2018, held this year in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Picadeli celebrates freedom of choice and diversity with the Let’s celebrate freedom of choice campaign. The campaign will be featured in the festival area, in selected stores and in social media starting July 25th.

– All people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age or ethnicity shall have the freedom to choose themselves. For us it is obvious, but in other parts of the world it looks different. We therefore think it is extra important to be involved in and spread the message of choice and diversity under EuroPride, said Lisa Isakson, Marketing Director at Picadeli.

Picadeli will be in place at the festival area during the festival and hand out thousands of free parties. Selected stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg will be dressed in the colors of the rainbow.

Donation to support pride festivals
The purpose of the pride festivals is to take place in the public space, thus highlighting important issues for HBQT people. In Sweden it is possible to conduct a free and accepted pride festival, but it is not in other parts of the world. To enable a free celebration celebrity around the world, Picadeli has chosen to donate 100,000 kronor to the Stockholm Pride Solidarity Fund.

– We have engaged in Pride since a couple of years back because choice and diversity pervade our entire company and concept. This year we have also chosen to donate 100,000 kronor to the Solidarity Fund, Stockholm Pride’s international fund that supports pride celebrations in other countries, continues Lisa Isakson.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage